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working solo is WRECKING your sales


No one wants to be a "one-hit" wonder.

And that is exactly what your business will be if you keep doing everything. You are a business owner- not a janitor, copy writer, designer, sales associate, shipper, accounts receivable, web designer, and all the 100's of other tasks you are working on daily. 

You know this "Jack and Jill" of all trades isn't making your business as successful as you want it to be. But you don’t know what to do differently than copy and paste other people’s employment ads or worse. Do you ignore the need to hire because the idea of hiring scares you to death more than the work load does? Let’s make it a little easier



hi! I'm talmar. 

With over 30 years of hiring, firing, and everything in between experience. Supporting hundreds of bosses make the transition from business owner to being the BOSS- is Talmar's passion. 

Founder of, Boss Actions and creator of Ready. Aim. Hire! Talmar's no nonsense, "fluff free" approach, teaches you exactly what you need to say, do, and act when it comes to finding, keeping, and leading your employees

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Finding the right people is easier than you think


Finding the "perfect" employee, independent contractor, or support staff is all about having the right system and strategy in place. READY. AIM. HIRE! walks you through the starting point of defining what you need and who will be successful so that you can attract the “right” people and move from solo to success when it comes to building your team


Ready. Aim. Hire!

497 /lifetime access

Instant access to 5 bite size videos allowing you to action fast with support worksheets and templates. These actionable task driven PDFs let you KNOW:

  • WHAT to do,
  • HOW to do it,
  • WHEN to do it, and
  • WHY you are doing it.

Do THIS to immediately improve the team that you attract!

You AND your business deserve your own kick-ass team! Sign up NOW!

Looking for more? Want to find other bosses you can talk to about all the Boss pieces? Hiring? Managing? Growing a kick ass team? Check out the 3 SH*FT videos on the Boss Action Membership and then consider joining. You don't have to do this alone!